[collectd] Metric manipulation plugins

Pierre-Yves Ritschard pyr at spootnik.org
Sun Nov 3 11:04:21 CET 2013

Hi list,

Right now in collectd we have read, write, notification and logging plugins
which cover most our use cases.

I think the model falls short when implementing plugins like aggregation,
chaining or threshold. It seems as though we are missing an intermediate
endpoint to plug in metric manipulation when collection windows end.

As some of you may know I've been playing with a lib which implements
generic metric manipulation, with a simple language (example syntax:

Now that the syntax is well implemented in a contained library, I'm looking
for ways to implement it. I see two ways that "mangling" plugins might want
to interact with collectd:

- in a streaming fashion: processing metrics as they come in
- in a block fashion: processing a full window of collected metrics

Writing a streaming mangling plugin is an easy task, the "aggregation"
plugin is such an example, it registers a read plugin then marks the
metrics it generates with an attribute to avoid looping. filter_chains also
implement a similar mechanism allowing simple streaming handling.

Writing block handling plugins is much more difficult, there doesn't seem
to be an idea of a full metric window event. So writing such plugins now
need to be done in one of two ways:

- accumulate metrics and trigger processing at regular intervals
- accumulate metrics and trigger processing when enough events have been

My current design expects a full window of metrics, it is a "pure" function
which for a specific window of metrics and configuration syntax will output
the same window of metrics augmented with a sink (a destination write
plugin) and potentially a state.

This approach has the drawback of forcing accumulation at some point, which
might be a problem on aggregation instances but will be negligible on
node-local instances (actually given the in-memory size of metrics, it
would take a very busy aggregation instance to make this noticeable /

The simplest way of implementing this seems to be queuing up metrics in the
sent to the write plugin and scheduling processing when the read function
is called (waiting for a small delay to leave time for other read plugins
to submit their metrics).

My current questions are:

- are collectd users at large interested by an all-encompassing mangling
plugin (superseding the functionality found in chains, thresholds and
aggregatio plugins) ?
- would most people prefer a configuration that integrates in the main
collectd.conf ? It seems a bit unwieldy to me but could be doable
- is there a way I missed to accumulate metrics between poll intervals in a
sound way ?

Thanks for your help putting this together!
  - pyr
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