[collectd] Transmitting data using unreliable wireless mesh networks

Jan Lühr ff at jluehr.de
Mon May 6 09:23:31 CEST 2013

Hello folks,

we're using collectd to gather statistical data from OpenWRT Nodes. All data is transmitted and evaluated on a dedicated server (unicast).
However, since we are using an unreliable wireless mesh network (freifunk) packets get lost and I'd cope with that.

By nature, losses are not distributed evenly - we'd like to cope with burst losses (no packets can be transmitted for some minutes) and noise (x% of all packets get lost no matter when).

Can you recommend strategies for doing so? 
In theory I can think of:
-> Using TCP for transmission  (high timeouts / retries for covering burst losses)
-> Maintaining a backlog / slide window in collectd
-> Transmitting data multiple times while not taking care of successful transmitted data.

What's the collectd way of doing this?

Keep smiling

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