[collectd] Notification forwarding and duplicates values/notifications

Yves Mettier ymettier at free.fr
Wed Mar 27 14:56:02 CET 2013


This is about vl and notif forwarding with network plugin.
Today, you can forward values but not notifications because loop 
checking is not implemented for notifications ("contact the development 

On an architecture with some collectd working as collectors, some as 
proxies and one as a server, we have the collectors that send to the 
proxies, and the proxies forward to the server.

collector1 ------> proxy ---> server
collector2 ---/

This works well for values and I have a little patch to make it work 
with notifications too (no loop detection for notifications).

Now, here is my problem (ascii art rocks ?) :

collector1 ------> proxy1 ---\
              X                --> server
collector2 ------> proxy2 ---/

I have collectors that send to 2 proxies and the 2 proxies forward to 
the server. If a proxy fails, the other one continues to work.
So the server sees duplicates but there is no loop.

For values, the server does not see duplicates but rrdcached complains.
For notifications, OK, this is not supported, but how can I do ?

Is it a goot idea to have a cache for notifications, similar to values 
? And check the cache before doing anything with a value or a 
notification ?
What about adding some meta data in notifications, like in values ?

What do you think ?


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