[collectd] collect 4 compilation problem - yajl

Pavel Kasparek pavel at iptel.org
Tue Mar 5 09:04:36 CET 2013


On 5.3.2013 06:49, Marc Fournier wrote:
> Hello,
> Excerpts from Pavel Kasparek's message of 2013-03-04 14:56:56 +0100:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm trying to compile collect 4 but got the following error:
>> action_instance_data_json.c:93: undefined reference to `yajl_gen_alloc2'
>> Full error is listed below.
>> The system is Linux CentOS 6, with the following installed:
>> yajl-1.0.7-3.el6.x86_64
>> yajl-devel-1.0.7-3.el6.x86_64
>> The version of collect 4 is 4.0.0.
> This is a very old version of collectd, released in 2007. Have you a good
> reason not to use a more recent version ? The plugins depending on yajl
> build well on CentOS6 with the latest 4.x as well as the 5.x series of
> collectd.

Sorry for confusion, I meant version of Collection 4 is 4.0.0 - I mixed 
Collect with Collection. I get the error when trying to compile 
Collection 4. The version of collectd there is 5.1.0.

Meanwhile I tried compiling it with newer version of yajl-devel 1.0.11 
and with that I was able to compile Collection 4. (It took me some time 
to find some usable rpm of newer yajl-devel, as only 1.0.7 is available 
in CentOS, and I can't use source tarballs directly).


Pavel Kasparek

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