[collectd] processes plugin process by name - percent of all cpus feature

Yves Mettier ymettier at free.fr
Mon Jun 17 10:08:26 CEST 2013


I have a patch that will produce the sum cpu (check Perfwatcher patches 
for collectd). I think this would be easy to adapt for the average.

But before any work on this, have you tried 
https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Plugin:Aggregation/Config ?

Can it fit your needs ?

Question to developers : there are common and simple needs for cpus 
where the aggregation plugin may be a solution. But can't it be built in 
collectd to be smaller into memory ? In other words, would you accept a 
patch for computing the sum and average total cpu even if the 
aggregation can do it ?


Le 2013-06-17 02:00, William Salt a écrit :
> Im using the processes plugin to find specific processes via regex, and
> monitoring their cpu usage, this is the total time spent in jiffies
> (milliseconds) across all cores.
> In graphite, i am dividing it by the number of cpu cores i have on a
> machine then turning that into percent. this gives me a percentage of 
> total
> cpu usage across all cores for that process.
> However, i cannot ascertain in graphite the exact number of cpus a node
> has, it differs greatly, and its not scalable to have static values in
> graph query strings like this, nor efficient to work this out when
> rendering a graph.
> I wondered if someone could patch the plugin to allow a flag to produce 
> the
> average cpu use across all cores? grabbing the number of cpus
> from /proc/cpuinfo and dividing the metric by that? bonus if it had a 
> flag
> to output a percent!
> Cheers
> Will
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