[collectd] processes plugin process by name - percent of all cpus feature

William Salt williamejsalt at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 02:00:35 CEST 2013

Im using the processes plugin to find specific processes via regex, and
monitoring their cpu usage, this is the total time spent in jiffies
(milliseconds) across all cores.

In graphite, i am dividing it by the number of cpu cores i have on a
machine then turning that into percent. this gives me a percentage of total
cpu usage across all cores for that process.
However, i cannot ascertain in graphite the exact number of cpus a node
has, it differs greatly, and its not scalable to have static values in
graph query strings like this, nor efficient to work this out when
rendering a graph.

I wondered if someone could patch the plugin to allow a flag to produce the
average cpu use across all cores? grabbing the number of cpus
from /proc/cpuinfo and dividing the metric by that? bonus if it had a flag
to output a percent!

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