[collectd] Re-reading types.db and/or collectd.conf withouting restart collectd

Yves Mettier ymettier at free.fr
Thu Jan 10 08:58:08 CET 2013

I agree...
See the comments of https://github.com/collectd/collectd/pull/136 : 
this is not a new issue.

About types.db, I suggest that you do not change it, but add your own 
In collectd.conf, you can specify more than one types.db file.
When you upgrade collectd, you can replace the unmodified types.db with 
the new one and keep your addons in another file.
Of course, this will not solve your problem about restarting collectd 
when you make a change.


Le 2013-01-09 19:44, Daniel Hilst a écrit :
> I have a problem. Every time I add a new type to types.db I have to
> restart collectd. This lead to my nagios dashboard being fully red.
> Any ideas of how re-read types.db without restarting?
> I've this problem too while editing collectd.conf, but this is less
> frequent.. I know that collectd keeps a AVL Tree cache, that
> collectd-nagios reads from unix socket. Keeping cache entries between
> restarts would solve that. What you people think?
> When I say restart I mean receiving a SIGHUP.
> Cheers!

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