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Gao Yongwei itxx00 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 04:08:53 CET 2013

2013/2/20 Poil <poil at quake.fr>

> Hi,
> At work we needed an UI for visualize our RRDs. After some research we
> didn't find anything in our criteria.
> So I had fast written a software based on CGP. It was quickly wrote and
> (very) dirty, when I have some time, I continue to maintain it.
> Features :
> * Multi servers, projects, customers groups, users, server role, server
> environment
> * Perms are give to groups by projects, rrds (base on regex filter)
> * Possibility to write custom dashboard based on regex
> * Delegated administration, the managers of a group can add user in his
> group and create new user
> Git : https://github.com/Poil/**CGraphz <https://github.com/Poil/CGraphz>
> Demo : http://web.quakelive.fr/**CGraphz/<http://web.quakelive.fr/CGraphz/>(admin/pass)
> The database is resetted all hours.
> Feel free to use, to fork or to take the idea and rewrite from zero !
> Best regards,
> ______________________________**_________________
> I think the graph created by visage (https://github.com/auxesis/visage)
 is very nice.if CGraphz can do it like visage its greate.
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