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Frédéric Pégé frederic.pege at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 16:02:50 CET 2013

I'm creating something in github.
My approach was to  :
* add discovery features in collectd.py
* add a formula feature in collectd.py. like the one mentionned in the
'"output formatting" of the page you've just sent.

And given these 2 features, writting plugins is it very easy.
Threshold are managed by the monitoring tool
(nagios/icinga/shinken/centreon). Collected statistics are managed by
To be honest, I don't like the idea of the monitoring (threshold, alerts,
....) being configured in Collectd.

An improvement can be made by adding a "GET SEVERAL VALUES" function in
python. This func would return a list of values, given a list of items.
It would reduce the number of request made to the unixsocket.


2013/2/20 Sebastian Harl <sh at tokkee.org>

> Hi,
> On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 02:56:30PM +0100, Frédéric Pégé wrote:
> > For those who're interested, I've developped a few plugins for
> > Nagios/Centreon/Icinga/Shinken to check a few things from Collectd
> > Load / Mem / Swap / NIC / Spase / Disk IO
> >
> > The advantage of that is to connect only to one server : the collectd
> > central node.
> >
> > They are written in python using the CollectD module shipped in "contrib"
> > (I've added a few funcs), and nagaconda.
> How about submitting the new functions to collectd? Either send a patch
> to this list or (preferred) open a pull request on Github.
> > I've also written a few files for shinken packs, and a discovery scripts.
> > It connects to the unixsocket and gets the hosts lists, and each of them
> > the nic list, disk list, mount-point list, ...
> >
> > Anyone interested ?
> > Where I can put that stuff ?
> Sounds interesting. I'd go for creating a new project for that on some
> project / code hosting site or making the code available through your
> website (if available).
> Also, I think it would make sense to add some notes about this to
> <https://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Collectd-nagios> in a new section
> (e.g. "Alternate approaches").
> As a side-note: I've already had the idea of doing something similar
> using Lua. The advantage of Lua would be that writing new code should
> still be fairly easy for everybody but it could also fairly easy be
> embedded into C programs. E.g. the mod-gearman worker comes to my mind
> :-)
> Cheers,
> Sebastian
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