[collectd] Nagios plugins

Frédéric Pégé frederic.pege at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 14:56:30 CET 2013

For those who're interested, I've developped a few plugins for
Nagios/Centreon/Icinga/Shinken to check a few things from Collectd
Load / Mem / Swap / NIC / Spase / Disk IO

The advantage of that is to connect only to one server : the collectd
central node.

They are written in python using the CollectD module shipped in "contrib"
(I've added a few funcs), and nagaconda.

I've also written a few files for shinken packs, and a discovery scripts.
It connects to the unixsocket and gets the hosts lists, and each of them
the nic list, disk list, mount-point list, ...

Anyone interested ?
Where I can put that stuff ?

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