[collectd] 5.2.1 snmp bucket problem

ryanL ryan.landry at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 08:55:08 CET 2013

hi list!

i recently upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2.1, and then to,
and something happened with a particular oid collection. it happened
upon the initial upgrade, and i thought maybe if i grab the latest dev
push that maybe there'd be a fix. unfortunately not.

i can't figure out why the new version is dropping the .in, thus
creating the whisper file in the iad1-er1.snmp bucket instead of
iad1-er1.snmp.bgp_updates-$yaddayadda, where $yaddayadda is a
configured bgp peer on my router.



notice that .in is stripped.

it's only for this specific oid that i'm collecting, and not numerous
others. i'm wondering if it's a namespace length limitation? it
definitely is the longest of all the oid's returned.

here's my types.db.custom field:

bgp_updates in:COUNTER:0:U

and here's the relevant conf:

  <Data "bgp_updates">
    Type "bgp_updates"
    Table true
    Values "BGP4-V2-MIB-JUNIPER::jnxBgpM2PeerInUpdates"

  <Host "iad1-er1">
    Address "<removed>"
    Version 2
    Community "<removed>"
    Collect "sys_mx" "if_bytes" "bgp_prefix" "bgp_updates"
    Interval 60

the types.db.custom and conf file remain unchanged between upgrades.

appreciate any insight!


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