[collectd] port open, packets received, no data. now what?

Craig Calef craig.calef at thecontrolgroup.com
Tue Dec 17 22:45:26 CET 2013

Sorry all I'm a complete idiot.  I thought of this the moment after I sent
the e-mail.

(Incase anybody ever hosts with Rackspace remember that they have an agent
that sweeps through periodically and does things to your iptables firewall

Yours in foolishness,

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 1:22 PM, Michael Hart
<michael.hart at arcticwolf.com>wrote:

>  Sounds almost like a firewall rule blocking the port, that behaviour
> sounds familiar. Do you have iptables running on the receiver host?
>  mike
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> Michael Hart
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>  On Dec 17, 2013, at 2:44 PM, Craig Calef <craig.calef at thecontrolgroup.com>
> wrote:
>  Hi guys,
>  I seldom ever resort to asking on mailing lists for help but I've
> reached the end of my rope and, unfortunately, the 'Troubleshooting'
> section on the wiki.
>  Simply put I have a collectd instance setup to listen for data from
> another collectd instance and writes the data into graphite.  I can verify
> with 'netstat -lnp' that collectd is listening on the appropriate
> interface, I see data coming into the host with `tpcdump` from my data
> source.  Data from the 'receiver' collectd is getting into graphite (and
> rrd when i enable that plugin), but it never does anything with the remote
> metrics.  I see in strace that collectd is binding to the port, but never
> see any read calls when a packet comes in.
>  Any advice or guidance on things to explore would be greatly, greatly
> appreciated.  I really really want to use collectd to work for this
> application and this is my last hope for getting it working.
>  Best,
> Craig Calef
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