[collectd] [BUG + patch] Collectd::Unixsock.pm sends too long messages

Pavel V. pavel2000 at ngs.ru
Wed Apr 17 05:10:45 CEST 2013

>  Hi, Collectd community.

>  After my upgrade I found an issue, what collection3 FLUSH does not work on some graphs.

>  I got the following message in my webserver logs about this:

>    index.cgi: FLUSH failed: Parsing options failed. at ../lib/Collectd/Graph/Common.pm

>  While debugging I found what unixsock.c plugin has limited buffer size of 1024 bytes when reading
>  received data, but Collectd::Graph::Common::flush_files() and Collectd::Unixsock::flush() tries to
>  flush all files at once, which results to excessive data being sent via socket. This ends by error
>  message which is described above.

Hey, guys.

Please, explain me, what I done wrong? Why there are no any responses on this?

I sent this patch by wrong way, or patch has wrong codestyle / is completely wrong?
Or maybe you don't need in patches for that part of code (perl-code, modules, collection3) at all?

I have some other patches for collection3, but I see no interest in my patches.

Thanks for comments.

 Pavel                          mailto:pavel2000 at ngs.ru

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