[collectd] collectd & rrdcached scalability issue

Stefan Wiederoder stefanwiederoder at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 7 09:16:59 CEST 2012

Hello list,

my current collectd (v4.10) installation is using rrdcached (rrdtool
1.4.4), which worked fine
so far. But with the number or hosts growing beyond 1000 it seems to have a
negative impact
on my central collectd server.

I´ve 37 GB of data (residing in a RAM-disk), plus 12 GB of journal data.
Each hosts has a
minimum of nine plugins activated, but max is only two or three more on
some special boxes.

the problem is that collectd data seems to lag "behind" the longer
collectd/rrdcached is running.
this accumulates up to three hours a day until the daily restart kicks in.
An example, I see data
from 12h when I look at graphs at 15h.

this was not a problem with fewer hosts (< 900), it´s been getting worse
with more and more hosts.

I´ve only specified the number of write_threads so far (=16), but no other

do you have any suggestion for me?

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