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Josh Jacob josh.jacob at hansoninc.com
Sat Mar 10 23:27:07 CET 2012


Thank you for the answer. I took another look and want to clarify what I'm seeing:

If one of the hosts that GenericJMX is watching is hung, the plugin will no longer gather data from all the hosts. All other plugins (CPU, swap, memory, etc) work fine.

Does anyone on the list use GenericJMX to watch multiple hosts and has seen this issue?

- josh jacob

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Yes we see this quiet often but it is harmless and caused by jitter
in your system time. Depending on your collectd interval and the system load
this will occur quiet often. We usually see this messages on a VMware
under heavy I/O load.

As said before, this is nothing to worry about.



On 03/02/12 15:15, Josh Jacob wrote:
I have a collectd 5.0.1 instance monitoring 6 local Tomcat instances with the GenericJMX plugin. One of my Tomcat instances will occasionally run out of heap and essentially become unresponsive. When that happens, collectd/GenericJMX won't collect data from any of the other Tomcat instances even though the other instances are running fine. The collectd log starts to fill with lots of these messages:

[2012-03-02 06:39:59] rrdtool plugin: rrd_update_r (/opt/collectd/var/lib/collectd/rrd/localhost/GenericJMX-tomcat1-memory_pool-CMS Perm Gen/jmx_memory-init.rrd) failed: /opt/collectd/var/lib/collectd/rrd/localhost/GenericJMX-tomcat1-memory_pool-CMS Perm Gen/jmx_memory-init.rrd: illegal attempt to update using time 1330688269 when last update time is 1330688269 (minimum one second step)

Has anyone on the list seen or addressed anything like this?

- josh

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