[collectd] gstat-plugin (FreeBSD GEOM statistics) для collectd

Phil Kulin schors at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 23:45:09 CET 2012


I have written a  geom statistics plugin for FreeBSD. The geom
statistics is more functional than statistics of a disk.  Plugin is
based on disk plugin. Config same as well as in disk. The plugin works
more than one month on several servers of a shared-hosting. Problems
and leaks it is not noticed.

There was a small problem with its support between collectd versions.
Autotools very monstruose and inconvenient. I didn't have not enough
forces (you should remember Putin's elections and vodka) for rebuild
the project each time. I consider it as a global problem of the
project. I will dare to suggest to change building style. For example,
nginx (http://nginx.ru) has excellent in my opinion style - a set
shell scripts. Introduction of plugins and their support there it is
very simple. The second problem of the project is attempt of
realization of similar statistics on sense for different operating
systems in one file. It transforms a code into difficultly readable
stream of #ifdef. Different systems give the data on a miscellaneous.
There is no sense to try to pack it into one file. Code division on
separate systems will strongly simplify understanding and development
of plugins. Yes, somewhere the code will partially repeat. But it
seems to me not a problem.

I have attached to the mail diff which includes including a new file
gstat.c and types.db diff. Its for 5.0.1 collectd version, but
functionality independed from version.

Non nobis Domine non nobis sed Nomini Tuo da gloriam
Phil Kulin
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