[collectd] rrdcached+collectd

Jeremy MAURO jmauro at antidot.net
Thu Jun 7 18:05:22 CEST 2012


You are my HERO, without the '-B' options it worked.... Didn't really 
check the default options from debian setup...

Thx again


On 06/07/12 17:44, Alessandro Iurlano wrote:
> Hello
> The problem could be the -B flag from the command line
>         -B  Only permit writes into the base directory specified in -b
> (and any sub-directories).  This
>             does NOT detect symbolic links.  Paths containing "../"
> will also be blocked.
> Base dir is /var/lib/rrdcached/db/ while it is trying to write to
> /var/lib/collectd/rrd/
> Try launching rrdcached without -B
> Hope this helps,
> Alessandro
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