[collectd] Nightly cron jobs...

Cyril Feraudet collectd at feraudet.com
Thu Jan 12 15:05:44 CET 2012

> Hi,
> I've got some questions on your setup:
> On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 12:21:10PM +0200, Cyril Feraudet wrote:
>> Some numbers : - 5,7 Mo by rrd - 470000 rrds - 3To of rrd - Less 
>> than
>> 700 iops - 4 instances of collectd on the same server
> Why do you use multiple instances?
> We use 4 different collectd instances but on different servers, to
> do load-balancing using hash groups. This was necessary to leave I/O
> hell.
> The tricky part was to have the GUI transparently allow distributed
> access
> across these.
> Also, what's your server's (apparently expensive) hardware?
>> Here our home made GUI. I'll be able to share it in GPL soon.
> Now you've got me really interested.
> Does your software support multiple collectd servers?
> Thanks for sharing!

I use multiple instance cause collectd seem not able to process as fast 
it's needed
when "if_octets" type from "network" plugins go over 1MB/s (on my 
server). It seem
there is 1 thread for network plugin. So multiplying instance multiply 
network thread.
Usually I use iptables to redirect 25826 INPUT port to several port 
based on source address.

My server is too powerfull but that's what they gave me :
- 4 Xeon X5670 (useless, I think one is sufficient)
- 48G of RAM (useless too)
- 3To on FusionIO (very very useless for less than 1000 iops)

About the GUI (no name for the moment), multiple server are possible if 
each server share
it's rrd by nfs (readonly is sufficient, it's only for the gui).

This GUI is made of PHP, Smarty, jQuery, Mysql and some patch in C to 

I need to make this GUI more modular to split specific things of where 
I work from the
shareable code.

I will try to release an alpha one soon.

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