[collectd] Nightly cron jobs...

collectd at faxm0dem.org collectd at faxm0dem.org
Thu Jan 12 13:25:25 CET 2012


I've got some questions on your setup:

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 12:21:10PM +0200, Cyril Feraudet wrote:
> Some numbers :
> - 5,7 Mo by rrd
> - 470000 rrds
> - 3To of rrd
> - Less than 700 iops
> - 4 instances of collectd on the same server

Why do you use multiple instances?
We use 4 different collectd instances but on different servers, to
do load-balancing using hash groups. This was necessary to leave I/O hell.
The tricky part was to have the GUI transparently allow distributed access
across these.

Also, what's your server's (apparently expensive) hardware?

> Here our home made GUI. I'll be able to share it in GPL soon.

Now you've got me really interested.
Does your software support multiple collectd servers?

Thanks for sharing!

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