[collectd] Versions 5.0.3 and 4.10.6 available.

Florian Forster octo at collectd.org
Sun Feb 19 11:40:44 CET 2012

Hello everybody,

I've packaged new patch releases of the current stable and old stable
versions of collectd. They fix a couple of bugs in collectd, plugins and
the documentation.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

  Version 5.0.3:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.0.3.tar.bz2
    SHA-1: 9a111cf58ad1a202e77e9388fb39a2e71b47e9c5

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.0.3.tar.gz
    SHA-1: 3af68f7dcc0de829ee41b2354da9655d96dda695

  Version 4.10.6:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-4.10.6.tar.bz2
    SHA-1: 19a87cc5ff73c263827c81ff61afe52c47957a42

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-4.10.6.tar.gz
    SHA-1: ad78172d49f01c8ac14d64e73d8fb86ba52c9f9f


Thanks to everybody who helped with this new version. In particular,
bugs have been reported and fixed by:

  * Gerrie Roos
  * Jonathan Nieder
  * Sebastian Harl
  * Sven Trenkel

2012-02-19, Version 5.0.3 and 4.10.6
  * Build system: Fix problems when building the ipvs and iptables
    plugins. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his patch. A bashism in the
    version-gen.sh script has been fixed. Thanks to Jo-Philipp Wich for
    his patch.
  * csv and rrdtool plugins: Print a more helpful error message when the
    DataDir is a symlink pointing to a non-existing location. Thanks to
    Jonathan Nieder for his patch.
  * exec plugin: Fix a problem when using select(2) to read from file
    handles. Thanks to Gerrie Roos for his patch.
  * network plugin: An incorrect error message in the handling of the
    "Interface" configuration option has been fixed. Thanks to Gerrie
    Roos for his patch.
  * oracle plugin: A potential endless loop in the error handling has
    been fixed.
  * python plugin: A crash bug in the configuration handling has been
    fixed. Thanks to Sven Trenkel for his patch.
  * interfaces plugin: The change which was supposed to ignore "bogus"
    interfaces has been reverted, since it ignored legit interfaces, such
    as bonding pseudo-devices as well.

Best regards,
Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
GnuPG: 0x0C705A15
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Website: http://collectd.org
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/collectd
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