[collectd] Versions 5.1.0, 5.0.4 and 4.10.7 available

Florian Forster octo at collectd.org
Mon Apr 2 14:54:33 CEST 2012

Hello everybody,

I've packaged a new feature release, collectd 5.1. It introduces quite
some new features, such as two new write plugins ("write_graphite" and
"write_mongodb") and a numer of read plugins.

There are also new patch releases for versions 5.0 and 4.10, that only
fix bugs.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

  Version 5.1.0:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.1.0.tar.bz2
    SHA-1: 77545833b77a03ec02219bfb925e6a1f3463ddef

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.1.0.tar.gz
    SHA-1: 55f17b17a10710641a9bf4e8c5332cef661cafcd

  Version 5.0.4:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.0.4.tar.bz2
    SHA-1: bfe43ccd1566175ca00111f9c2a74b96cc59c8cd

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.0.4.tar.gz
    SHA-1: 06a0f20a85dc0f297f7718fe2223aee11c1f38c5

  Version 4.10.7:

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-4.10.7.tar.bz2
    SHA-1: 3e3df5f49a139e287f55b1a96a95db511317c7fb

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-4.10.7.tar.gz
    SHA-1: 4a8df52eec09aeb8727b5884e8b413a89b1bd578


Thanks to everybody who helped with these new verions. In particular:

  * Aaron Brady
  * Akkarit Sangpetch
  * Aurelien Rougemont
  * Chris Lundquist
  * Clemens Lang
  * Cosmin Ioiart
  * Cyril Feraudet
  * Darrell Bishop
  * Fabien Wernli
  * Gerrie Roos
  * Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
  * Jason Schmidlapp
  * Jérôme Renard
  * Louis Opter
  * Luis Sanmartín Rozada
  * Michael Hanselmann
  * Peter Warasin
  * Phil Kulin
  * Pierre-Yves Ritschard
  * Scott Sanders
  * Sebastian Harl
  * Timon

Version 5.1.0
  * Build system, iptables plugin: The shipped version of libiptc has
    been removed.
  * collectd-nagios: A list of value lists can now be queried using
    "-n LIST". Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his patches.
  * bind plugin: The "ParseTime" option has been added. It allows to use
    the system time rather than the time reported by BIND.
  * curl, memcachec, tail plugins: The "ExcludeRegexp" option has been
    added. Thanks to Peter Warasin for his initial patch.
  * ethstat plugin: The new "ethstat" plugin reads performance statistics
    directly from ethernet cards. Thanks to Cyril Feraudet for his patch.
  * GenericJMX plugin: Support for querying MBean "Operations" (in
    addition to "Attributes") has been added. Thanks to Pierre-Yves
    Ritschard for his patch.
  * irq plugin: The selection / ignore code now uses the default
    ignorelist infrastructure, providing the standard feature set, e.g.
    regex matching.
  * md plugin: The new "md" plugin reports the number of disks in various
    states in Linux software RAID devices. Thanks to Michael Hanselmann
    for his patch.
  * modbus plugin: Support for signed integer register types has been
  * nfs plugin: Support for Solaris has been added. Thanks to Cosmin
    Ioiart for his patch.
  * numa plugin: The new "numa" plugin reports statistics of the
    Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) subsystem of Linux.
  * processes plugin: Various fixes for the FreeBSD implementation.
    Thanks to Phil Kulin for his patch.
  * rrdcached plugin: Passing flushes to the caching daemon has been
  * sensors plugin: The initialization code has been improved. Thanks to
    Henrique de Moraes Holschuh for his patch.
  * swap plugin: The "ReportByDevice" option has been added.
  * syslog plugin: Support for writing notifications has been added.
    Thanks to Fabien Wernli for his patch.
  * tcpconns plugin: Support for AIX has been added. Thanks to Manuel
    Luis Sanmartín Rozada for his patch.
  * threshold plugin: The "PersistOK" option has been added. Thanks to
    Aaron Brady for his patch.
  * varnish plugin: Support for Varnish 3.0 has been added. Thanks to
    Jérôme Renard for his patches.
  * write_mongodb plugin: The new "write_mongodb" plugin writes value
    lists to MongoDB, a shema-less database. Thanks to Akkarit Sangpetch
    and Chris Lundquist for their work.
  * write_graphite plugin: The new "write_graphite" plugin writes value
    lists to Carbon, the storage layer of the Graphite time-series
    database. Thanks to Scott Sanders and Pierre-Yves Ritschard for their
  * zfs_arc plugin: Several new statistics have been added. Thanks to
    Aurelien Rougemont for his patches.
  * scale target: Support for scaling specific data sources only has been
    added. Thanks to Gerrie Roos for his patch.

Versions 5.0.4 and 4.10.7:
  * Build system: Fix the use of a libltdl macro. Thanks to Clemens Lang
    for fixing this. Adresses some issues with building the iptables
    plugin under Gentoo.
  * libcollectdclient: A memory leak in the lcc_getval() function has
    been fixed. Thanks to Jason Schmidlapp for finding and fixing this
  * bind plugin: The use of 'QType" types has been fixed.
  * df plugin: Fixed compiler issue under Mac OS X 10.7.
  * conntrack plugin: Support zero as legitimate value. Thanks to Louis
    Opter for his patch.
  * memcached plugin: Increased the size of a static buffer, which was
    truncating status messages form memcached. Thanks to Timon for the
  * network plugin: Forwarding of notifications has been disabled. This
    was a contition not checked for before, which may retult in an
    endless loop.
  * processes plugin: Support for process names with spaces has been
    added to the Linux implementation. Thanks to Darrell Bishop for his
  * perl plugin: A race condition in several callbacks, including log and
    write callbacks, has been fixed. Thanks to "Rrpv" for reporting this
  * snmp plugin: A bug when casting unsigned integers to gauge values has
    been fixed: Unsigned integers would be cast to a signed integer and
    then to a gauge, possibly resulting in a negative value.
  * tcpconns plugin: Compilation with newer versions of the FreeBSD
    runtime has been fixed.

Best regards,
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