[collectd] unixsock and exec plugins giving problem - collectd 5.0

Abhishek Amberkar [अभिषेक] abhishek.amberkar at gmail.com
Tue May 31 14:13:34 CEST 2011

Hello All,

I am using Collectd 5.0 compiled from the sources on Ubuntu. I want to
use both "unixsock" and "exec" plugins. I am using a simple bash
script as an executable in "exec" block. It was observed that if
"unixsocket" is enabled, this bash script doesn't run, but runs when
"unixsock" is turned off.

I use "collectdmon" to start/stop "collectd" using following command

$ sudo /opt/collectd/sbin/collectdmon -c /opt/collectd/sbin/collectd
-P /opt/collectd/var/run/collectdmon.pid

Now suppose if "unixsocket" is disabled and "collectd" is started
using above command, then both "collectdmon" as well as "collectd"
binary run (one instance of "collectdmon" and one of "collectd" )
along with "exec bash script". That means "exec" block in
"/opt/collectd/etc/collectd.conf" works.

But if "unixsocket" is enabled and "collectd" is started with above
command, then one instance of "collectdmon" runs along with TWO
instances of "collectd". I don't know why is it so. And If suppose
this "collectdmon" instance is stopped, it just kills only one
"collectd" instance. The other one keeps on running. To kill this
another instance, I have to use "KILL" signal cause nothing happens
with "INT" or "TERM".

What's going wrong here? Am I missing any configuration directive?
Here's my collectd.conf -> http://pastebin.com/peELZNDG

With Regards
Abhishek Amberkar

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