[collectd] Collection3 graphing module submission - PluginStacked.pm

McCoy, Neil Neil.McCoy at hitwise.com
Mon Mar 21 23:38:57 CET 2011

Here's another graphing module, this one allow stacking of multiple

A graph is generated for each RRD DataSource, per host.

As an example you could graph all the cpu wait, idle, softirq, etc of
all the cpu's of a system in their own graph.  In other words in say an
8 core system you could see the total 8 cpu wait values in the one

In the below example you get 8 graphs:

<Type cpu>
  Module PluginStacked
  DataSources idle interrupt nice softirq steal system user wait
  RRDTitle "{hostname} CPUs"
  RRDVerticalLabel "{type_instance}"
  RRDFormat "%5.1lf%s"
  Stacking yes

Neil McCoy

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