[collectd] Collection3 graphing module submission - TypeStacked.pm

McCoy, Neil Neil.McCoy at hitwise.com
Mon Mar 21 08:57:18 CET 2011

Our Sys. Admin team down in Melbourne, Australia uses collectd
extensively and we've started using collection3 for graphing.

We've made some additions to the collection3 and would like to provide
back to the project for inclusion as it see's fit.  The updates were to
version 4.10.2 of the code.

This first submission is for a graphing module which allows the stacking
of multiple type instances in the one graph.  The module is a
modification of another one that Florian octo Forster made.

As an example if it was used to graph the interfaces "if_octets" data,
depending on your system, you'd end up with "lo", "eth1", "eth2", etc
stacking on top of each other.  You get one graph per data source.  The
data source(s) used are what get specified in it's definition (in
collection.conf).  In the below example we get two graphs for
"if_octets", one for "rx" and the other for "tx".

<Type if_octets>
  Module TypeStacked
  DataSources rx tx
  DSName rx RX
  DSName tx TX
  RRDTitle "Interface Traffic ({hostname})"
  RRDVerticalLabel "Bytes per second"
  RRDFormat "%5.1lf%s"
  Color lo 000000
  Color sit0 333333
  Scale 8

Best regards,
Neil McCoy
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