[collectd] NetApp plugin giving NANs

Sven Trenkel collectd at semidefinite.de
Thu Mar 17 19:18:12 CET 2011

On 15.03.2011 12:40, Mark Syms wrote:


> I've been trying to use the NetApp plugin to monitor a NetApp Fas2020
> that I'm working with. Collectd is running on Debian, I've built a
> modified package of version 4.10.1-1 using the NetApp SDK to allow
> enabling the NetApp plugin. The NetApp is running version of the
> system software.
> rrdtool info for the cpu-system.rrd file gives the following (the other
> RRDs are similar).

what interval did you configure for the NetApp plugin? There used to be 
a bug that caused this kind of behavior if the global interval was 
different from the interval used by the netapp plugin. If this error 
condition fits your setup, you might want to update to version 4.10.2. 
After this you have to delete all empty rrd files of the netapp plugin, 
as they have been created with with the wrong interval setting.

If updating is not an option for whatever reason you can adjust the
interval of the netapp plugin to your global interval, which should fix
the problem immediately. Or, if you know a lot more about rrd than I do,
you could edit the already created rrd files and adjust their update
interval, but I have no idea how to do that. But someone else on this 
mailing list might be able to answer this question.


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