[collectd] Watchdog for Notifications

Aaron Brady bradya at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 00:19:35 CET 2011

> I'm considering writing a patch to make notifications happen
> regardless of state, though perhaps not every <Interval> (that would
> be quite noisy). Either I'd send it every <configurable factor> *
> <Interval> seconds or (less pleasant) from a background thread.

It turns out that "Hits", which exists in 4.10 but appears
undocumented on the site (but is in the POD docs!) basically does this
dampening; great! However, it still didn't apply for OKAY states, so
I've committed this patch to the mainline on github:


and I enclose a patch against 4.10.1. This adds the PersistOK config
option to thresholds. It's off by default, so no change for people who
don't want it, but for those of us who do, it causes OKAY
notifications to follow exactly the same rules as FAIL or WARN,


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