[collectd] zeormq architecture inquiry

Allan Feid allanfeid at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 02:11:14 CEST 2011


I've been looking into using collectd combined with zeromq for transport.
This seems like a fairly good way to scale out monitoring infrastructure as
each node being monitored can send out requests over zeromq to one or more
locations with little overhead. I was wondering if anyone has any experience
doing this, or can provide some guidance on what zeromq architecture would
scale best.

With my limited zeromq knowledge, I'm thinking that each node being
monitored would publish to one or more "collector" nodes, which could then
reroute the information down to a single point where graphing and alerting
thresholds could be handled. The "collector" nodes would likely be in each
datacenter and running collectd to write to RRD files. These instances of
collectd, could also be publishing or pushing data down to a
single aggregation system. I guess my real question here, is what zeromq
pattern would make most sense for a distributed collectd monitoring system.
Any insight or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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