[collectd] A possibly strange use case with *very* irregular updates

Grzegorz Nosek root at localdomain.pl
Wed Apr 6 00:09:38 CEST 2011


I'm considering collectd for my unified-everything performance 
monitoring needs. A part of my requirements is monitoring database 
(MySQL, PostgreSQL) performance _from inside_ (collecting per-database 

My initial plan was to send a packet to collectd (manually, from inside 
the database process) at the end of every connection but I expect RRD 
would be very unhappy with that (*lots* of updates). So, plan B is to 
slap a proxy in between the main collectd and the databases (on the db 
servers themselves) to chunk the stream into regular updates suitable 
for feeding RRD databases.

Did anybody use collectd that way? Is there any code I could base the 
proxy on? Will collectd itself with the Network plugin on both sides 
with a custom plugin in the middle do? Is that even the right way to go?

Best regards,
  Grzegorz Nosek

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