[collectd] [PATCH] New plugin - lpar

Aurélien Reynaud collectd at wattapower.net
Tue Sep 7 16:13:14 CEST 2010

Hello Florian,

> Yeah, since the LPAR documentation itself always talks in terms of
> "virtual CPUs" we might as well adopt that terminology in the plugin.
> Currently I tend towards the solution I think you originally
> implemented: Introduce a "vcpu_gauge" (or simply "vcpu") type and track
> usage in terms of virtual CPUs. I.e. if the partition spends 123% of a
> virtual CPU executing user code, store 1.23 in the "user" value.

That's fine with me. I will try to provide a patch against ar/lpar which
reverts to the original implementation while retaining the various
changes you made wrt coding style.


Aurélien Reynaud

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