[collectd] collectd-4.9.1 and perl OpenVZ plugin

Sergey a_s_y at sama.ru
Wed Sep 1 20:29:25 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 01 September 2010, Sebastian Harl wrote:

> > I try to use perl OpenVZ plugin, but collectd is not started:
> > 
> > Sep  1 13:02:47 collectd[31662]: perl: Initializing Perl interpreter...
> > Sep  1 13:02:47 collectdmon[31661]: Warning: collectd terminated with exit status 2
> > Sep  1 13:02:47 collectdmon[31661]: Warning: restarting collectd
> Does collectd start, if the "OpenVZ" plugin is not used (i.e., no
> "LoadPlugin" in the "perl" configuration)?

Yes, it works with 

<Plugin perl>
         BaseName "Collectd::Plugin"
#        LoadPlugin OpenVZ

> What happens if you disable the "perl" plugin altogether ?

It works also.

> the foreground (using 'collectd -f' + any other options) ?

Ok! I see a real problem possible...

# collectd  -f
option = FQDNLookup; value = true;
type = syslog
file = /usr/lib64/collectd/syslog.so
No DB::DB routine defined at -e line 1.
No DB::DB routine defined at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/Collectd.pm line 171.

I use perl-base-5.8.8-alt14 (Altlinux branch 4.0, x86_64). I found some
problem with Perl 5.8/x86_64/"No DB::DB routine defined" in Google. I will
try to test it on i586.

> Where did you get collectd from (did you compile it yourself or did you
> install pre-compiled packages)?

4.9.1 pre-compiled, 4.10.1 compiled by me.

> The option passed to 'EnableDebugger' specifies a debugging module to be
> loaded (i.e., *not* a plugin to be debugged). Perl expects/requires
> those plugins in the "Devel" namespace -- see the documentation for
> perl's '-d' command line option (in perlrun(1)) for more details. So,
> this is unrelated to the initial problem your facing.

Ok. I understand.


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