[collectd] prefix hostname filter

Schmurfy schmurfy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 11:34:35 CET 2010


What i wish to do is to have one collectd server receiving data from a set
of other servers write it on disk as rrd as is and change the hostname
before writing the value to the network plugin to be cnsumed by yet another
As a first step I first tried to change the name of the data
written locally to test it with this:

<Chain "PostCache">
  <Rule "add_infra_name">
    <Target "replace">
      Host "^" "something-"
    <Target "write">
      Plugin "rrdcached"

    Target "stop"

In a way it works but what happens is that the rule is matched again and
again and i have rrd named "something-something-something-xxxxxx" and it
goes on and on xD
Am I taking the wrong path or is there anything missing in my rule ? I tried
to add a match to only pick hostname without "something-" in its name but I
did not found a way to do this since negative look ahead does not seems to
be supported in regex and the matching cannot be inverted.

Julien A.
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