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Thu Mar 4 14:08:11 CET 2010

databases generated by the tail plugin.
Something like: 8.5899345900e+08. Seems to be an overflow.
In reality there should be not more than 2e-1-4e-1

I'm pretty sure that this happens when collectd will be restarted, (Or
stopped?), since it happens quite regularly midnight, when a cronjob
runs which restarts collectd.

I was able to reproduce it also by manually restart it, therefore i
think it does not happen because of rotated log files.
This however is quite random, so definitively not so easy to find.

I *think* it has something to to when the rrd files will be closed ..
Last flush?  Probably..

For now i test with 4.9.1 but it happened also with older versions.

Do you have any suggestions?

kind regards,

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