[collectd] Problem with write_http plugin - Troubleshoot and Details

Krishna Kukunuri krishna.kukunuri at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 15:10:55 CEST 2010

I am having trouble using the write_http plugin. My collectd-agent
configuration looks as below

* *

*LoadPlugin write_http*

*<Plugin write_http>*

*  <url "http://webserver/endpoint">*

*   User "user"*

*   Password "xxxxxx"*

*  </url>*


* *

As a matter of fact, my webserver is Cake PHP code running on Apache ,as of
now it is not expecting basic authentication nor HTTP digest .

The collectd-agent is built with “–enable-write_http” option .While I could
see the data pushed out of this agent to the central collectd server using
the Network Plugin, I could not see the same results achieved via this
write_http plugin.

I confirmed my observation by looking at tcpdump statistics*,*but could not
find any data flowing to the destination (HTTP) port of my webserver .**

* *

*Please help me know how to troubleshoot this issue ,or if I am missing any

* *

*Also ,request help on more information about other options feasible with
this plugin (like HTTPS post) or any undocumented details that other users
have encountered in their experiences .*
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