[collectd] processes plugin comment

Andreas Maus maus+collectd at ypbind.de
Fri Jan 8 13:45:35 CET 2010

Hi Richard.

On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 02:55:18PM +0100, Richárd Kun wrote:
> Hi,
> I use collectd, version 4.6.3-1~bpo50+1 from debian lenny backports.
> Sometimes appears this message in syslog:
> "Jan  7 13:24:38 hostname collectd[4979]: processes plugin: Failed to
> open `/proc/32350/cmdline': No such file or directory."
I guess thats an race condition. There is a small timewindow between
checking the processlist and checking the entries in /proc/<pid>

During this time the process with the PID 32350 has been terminated.

> I think is caused by an ending process... Are there any workaround
> avoiding this, or should I configure my logcheck rules?:)
IMHO nothing to worry about. ;)



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