[collectd] No way to use collectd + bind plugin

HYORDEY Julian julian.hyordey at trinaps.com
Thu Apr 15 17:18:27 CEST 2010

Hi there,

Firstly, sorry for my english.. ;-)

Well, my problem is I can't see the graph with bind plugin. Collectd and 
my bind server are one the same computer, on a public IP, what I want is 
connect to http://publicIP:8053 (from another computer) and see my 
beautiful graph. And from now, no way, what I see is just the common 
stats (what you can see when you just activate statistics-channels (like 
that : /statistics-channels {inet port 8053 allow {myzone;};/ 
in named.conf)).

I checked log, saw nothing. Are activated in my collectd.conf just *bind 
plugin* and *rddtool plugin*, nothing else, and bind plugin is 
configured like that :

#<Plugin "bind">
#       URL "http://localhost:8053/"
#       OpCodes true
#       QTypes true
#       ServerStats true
#       ZoneMaintStats true
#       ResolverStats false
#       MemoryStats true
# <View "_default">
#               QTypes true
#               ResolverStats true
#               CacheRRSets true
#               Zone "127.in-addr.arpa/IN"
# </View>

note that I change local host by the public IP (did the same thing in 
the named.conf), no change too..

Please, help.


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