[collectd] Version 4.7.3 available

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Sun Sep 13 17:59:31 CEST 2009

Hi everybody,

I've created and uploaded version 4.7.3. It features many bugfixes
present in the 4.6.5 release, as well as some 4.7 specific fixes.


The tarballs are available from the “Download” page on collectd's
homepage. The direct download links are:



Thanks to everybody contributing to this release. It includes commits

  Alan Pevec
  Aman Gupta
  Andrés J. Díaz
  Anthony Dewhurst
  Brad Fritz
  Duncan Mac-Vicar P
  Luke Heberling
  Sebastian Harl

Thanks for reporting and fixing bugs, as well as contributing auxiliary


2009-09-13, Version 4.7.3
  * collectd: Fix a possible but very rare invalid “free” in the caching
    code. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for the patch.
  * collectd: Remove old values when a cache entry is marked as missing.
    This way the “GETVAL” command of the UnixSock plugin doesn't return
    old, no longer valid values when this happens. Thanks to Andrés J.
    Díaz for the patch.
  * collectd: The “plugin_unregister_read” function has been fixed.
  * apache, ascent, bind, curl, nginx plugins: Advise the cURL library
    to follow redirects. Thanks to Joey Hess for reporting this bug.
  * df plugin: Check the ignorelist before stating the file system,
    possibly reducing the number of stats considerably. Thanks to Joey
    Hess for reporting this bug.
  * iptables plugin: Support for the new libiptc API has been added.
    Thanks to Sebastian Harl for the patch. The build system has been
    updated to the plugin only includes the shipped header files when it
    is linked with the shipped library, too.
  * java plugin: Delay creating the JVM until after the daemon has
    forked. The JVM internally creates threads that are lost when
    forking. This means that Java-based plugins are now configured
    during the init-phase, i. e. later than other plugins.
  * libvirt plugin: Re-connect to libvirtd if connecting fails. Thanks
    to Alan Pevec for the patch.
  * network plugin: Fix the handling of the “CacheFlush” option: The
    value was assigned to a wrong variable. The initialization of the
    gcrypt library, which is used for signing / encrypting traffic, has
    been fixed. Thanks to Luke Heberling for the patch.
  * powerdns plugin: Set a timeout when reading data from the datagram
    socket. Handling of the “LocalSocket” option has been fixed.  An
    incorrectly used “type” has been corrected. Thanks to Luke Heberling
    for his patches.

Best regards,
Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
GnuPG: 0x91523C3D
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