[collectd] Configure script readability request

Tim Henrich tim at g.tdinternet.com
Tue Oct 6 14:57:18 CEST 2009

My libgcrypt installation for collectd is in a non-standard directory
(/opt/libgcrypt) to prevent any issues with various other pre-installed
software.  I had no problem getting the configure script to find the
libraries themselves, but it kept finding the wrong libgcrypt-config
executable.  Finally, I realized the -with-libgcrypt-prefix=[PFX] needed to
point to the same place as --with-libgcrypt=[PREFIX].  Maybe it's just me,
but I would think that if you provide one, configure should  assume it
should look in the same prefifx for libgcrypt-config also.  If, for some
reason you have libgcrypt-config outside of the prefix you specified, then
it could be overridden with the second option.

Just a thought :)

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