[collectd] Bug#495936: "Redesign" of the Debian collectd package

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Mon Oct 5 23:27:14 CEST 2009

Hi Raimund,

On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 09:57:47AM +0200, Raimund Sacherer wrote:
> * About the enPlugin disPlugin, i do not think the user will have a lot 
> of benefit here.
> It's great if there are a bunch of plugins which do not really need
> configuration, if a (very) few packages need them it's ok, but if you
> *need* to configure every plugin it would be a little configuration
> nightmare.

That's what I fear as well. So, I guess, I'll just drop that idea ;-) It
probably makes much more sense to work on some nifty configuration tool
upstream but not even that might be of much benefit (especially when
compared to the required efforts) …

> btw. how exactly handles postfix the configuration files? I like the way 
> you can select with debconf No config, Local only, Internet Mail, etc.
> ...
> How does postfix writes this changes, as well with sed? I guess so  
> because the config file is clean and a reconfigure seems to just ad
> the missing  parts, could be wrong thought, never give it that much
> attention because it basically  
> just works (tm).

That's a nice pointer! I guess, I'll have a look at how that's done.

> Other solutions might be:
> * I do not know if collectd can include other configuration files, but  
> is it feasible to make the main configuration (server/client/proxy/
> writelocally) in collect.conf and make an include to collect.(local |
> additional).conf?

That was my idea, basically. collectd supports to include all files from
a specified directory - that's what I'm gonna use for that purpose. The
huge benefit of using that directory approach is that it does not matter
at all how many files are in there, so it's very flexible.

> * what i do NOT like are constructs like in grub and other packages
> with lines: "Do not change this line, it's managed by package X",
> "Make your changes below this line but do not delete it"
> If possible this should be avoided


Thanks a lot for your feedback and sharing your ideas!


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