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Mahendra Kutare mahendra.kutare at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 18:30:13 CEST 2009


On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 5:43 AM, Sebastian Harl <sh at tokkee.org> wrote:

> Hi Mahendra,
> On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 11:18:26PM -0400, Mahendra Kutare wrote:
> > I have collectd version 4.5.3 installed on Xen platform.
> Which Linux distribution do you use (does ".el5" in the Kernel uname
> suggest RHEL5?)? Where did you get collectd from? Did you install a
> pre-compiled package or did you compile it yourself? In the later case,
> please provide the file "config.log" created during the build.

I have RHEL5 and Xen  3.1.2 installed. This is installed through RHEL RPMS
using puppet.
For installation of collectd I just did yum install collectd. So its the
same as above.

> > 1. I enabled the Plugin section for libvirt but I don't see any entry for
> > libvirt in LoadPlugin section in default /etc/collectd.conf file. So I
> added
> > the entry myself and try starting the collectd with command and get this
> -
> >
> > [root at samoa1 ~ 10:39 PM]$ /etc/init.d/collectd start
> > Starting collectd: Could not find plugin libvirt.
> > [2009-07-27 22:39:38] Found a configuration for the `libvirt' plugin, but
> > the plugin isn't loaded or didn't register a configuration callback.
> > [2009-07-27 22:39:38] Found a configuration for the `libvirt' plugin, but
> > the plugin isn't loaded or didn't register a configuration callback.
> >                                                            [  OK  ]
> >
> > Next I see the plugin directory specified at /etc/collectd.conf is
> located
> > at - *PluginDir   "/usr/lib64/collectd"*
> >
> > But libvirt.so.x file is not available there. I also see libvirt.so.x
> file
> > in /usr/lib/ directory. So do I have to copy or create soft links to that
> > file from plugin dir ?
> libvirt.so.x is the libvirt library which is used by the "libvirt"
> plugin (which might be confusing and, in fact, even confuses the build
> system under certain conditions - we might want to think about renaming
> the plugin in version 5). The plugin binary is called "libvirt.so"
> without any version appended to it. If you cannot find that file in
> PluginDir, most likely the plugin is not available - I need answers to
> the questions above to provide more information about that.

So I see libvirt.so is not present in /usr/lib64/collectd and even
attempting to copy them from somewhere like /usr/lib64 to
/usr/lib64/collectd i.e. PluginDir does not work as it says -
MODULE_REGISTER is not defined so I understand collectd expects some funcs
which are OBVIOUSLY not there in default.

Another point is - since everything is installed with RPMS I am not sure if
COLLECTD expect source files for libvirt which to change/add funcs as the
way it requires e.g. MODULE_REGISTER func for libvirt in libvirt.so in

> > 2. I see there is a plugin for gmond - which essentially recieves data
> from
> > ganglia gmonds but Is there a way to send collectd data to ganglia gmond
> ?
> Nope, that is not (yet?) possible. Patches are welcome! ;-)

Well as part of my work, I will have to get this working, So once am done
with my experiments I can contribute the patch.

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