[collectd] tail plugin problem

sergio tex at sergio.spb.ru
Thu Jan 22 21:53:04 CET 2009

Florian Forster wrote:

> Looks like you're using the old, deprecated and not-up-to-date
> collection2 script. Please take a look at the new version, which you can
> find in contrib/collection3.
Yes, I was using /usr/share/doc/collectd/examples/collection.cgi
Now I'm using collection3 from 

And I have two new problems:

When I select tail plugin I see something like this:
In html source I see style="display: none;" at the end of img, why?

When I type direct image url i see correct graph:

I need to count lines ended by " Completed".
With Regex " Completed$" accepted graph is empty.

% rrdtool dump counter-accepted.rrd | grep -v NaN | grep '<row>' | grep 
-v '0.0000000000e+00' | wc -l

May be this regexp is wrong?


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