[collectd] openvz monitoring via collectd perl plugin

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Thu Jan 1 13:12:26 CET 2009

Hi Fabian,

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 09:19:51AM +0100, Fabian Linzberger wrote:
> i have created a small perl plugin for monitoring "bean counters" for
> the linux virtualization technology openvz (see
> http://wiki.openvz.org/).

cool :)

> vz_beancount held:GAUGE:0:U, maxheld:GAUGE:0:U, barrier:GAUGE:0:U, limit:GAUGE:0:U, failcnt:COUNTER:0:U

Is this really the form in which information about a virtual guest (or
however that's called in OpenVZ ;) should be collected? Reading [0] I
get the impression that reading the resource name and acting accordingly
would make much more sense. There's information about the current usage
of TCP send/receive buffers, much virtual memory stuff and file system
statistics, among other things - that doesn't really all fit into one
type, right..?

> also i have the attached file openvz.pm in the
> /home/lefant/Collectd/Plugin/ folder.

You forgot to attach the file ;)

> this works fine so far collecting data - visualization using the
> included collection.cgi does not work (because it does not no about
> the vz_beancount data type, i suppose) - but ddraw for example works
> fine.

The `collection3' script in contrib/ has some generic mode to display 

> what is the preferred form of perl modules for inclusion in the
> project? i suppose i should put this into my git clone somewhere?

Since this is the first plugin in Perl, I've yet to work that out ;) If
you send the file to the mailing list, I will work out an addition to
the build system to install the plugin with `make install'.

> I also promise to clean it up a little bit more than my nagios related
> last patch before asking for inclusion (after all i spent the last
> months doing perl programming, so i am solid there now, can't exactly
> say that about C *gg*

No problem, take your time :)


[0] <http://wiki.openvz.org/Proc/user_beancounters>
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