[collectd] collectd 4.6.1 make fails on FreeBSD

Serge Vinogradov boogie at deck13.ru
Tue Feb 24 13:17:50 CET 2009

Florian Forster wrote:

> Could you please provide the output of the following grep:
>   $ grep NAN src/config.h | egrep '^#'

boogie at jotun:~/collectd-4.6.1> grep NAN src/config.h | egrep '^#'

> Hm, there currently isn't a configure flag to disable the client
> libarary (the problem is not in a plugin..). I'll add that, so that you
> can do something like `./configure --disable-libcollectdclient'.

That would be great :)

> Not FreeBSD, but Mac OS X works for what it's worth. Don't know how
> similar exactly the FreeBSD and Mac OS X userland is, but as far as I
> know there is *some* similarity ;)

Well, AFAIK OS X is built on top of the (heavily?) modified FreeBSD 
userland. But as we see in this case, they seem to be quite different :)

Serge "Boogie" Vinogradov
[mailto:boogie at deck13.ru]

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