[collectd] Bug#535786: Change severity of 535786 to important

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Mon Aug 31 12:34:01 CEST 2009

severity 535786 serious

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for reporting this!

On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 02:55:31PM -0300, Rodrigo Campos wrote:
> I'm not sure about the severity, but the iptables plugin was really useful for
> me. Feel free to change it :)

I've further increased the severity to serious - collectd should not be
part of a release in the current state.

> Please let me know if you want the generated core file or if I can help you
> debugging this problem.

The problem is an error in the build system. collectd ships its own
version of libiptc (which is used by the iptables plugin) because this
library used to be available as a static lib only (which cannot be
linked into a shared object on most architectures). Starting with
version 1.4.3, iptables ships a shared library as well - however, with a
slightly modified API / ABI. Now, the problem is that the build system
uses the libiptc headers shipped with collectd (due to an unfortunate
include path) but links against the shared lib found in the system.
Unfortunately, the ABI changed in a way that linking would still work
but we get the segfault at runtime.

The following things need to be done to resolve that issue:

 1.) Move the shipped src/libiptc/ to somewhere else (e.g.
     src/libiptc/libiptc-<version>) to make sure they are not picked up
     "by accident".

 2.) Let the build system check for the version of libiptc that has been

 3.) Adapt the iptables plugin to let it support both APIs.

With this E-mail I've forwarded the issue to the upstream mailing list,
hoping for someone to take care of that (my time is quite limited
currently :-/). See http://bugs.debian.org/535786 for further details
about this bug.


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