[collectd] RRD files are not updated

Jarle Bjørgeengen jarle at bjorgeengen.net
Fri Aug 21 14:59:00 CEST 2009

On Aug 21, 2009, at 2:30 , Domagoj Mikac wrote:

> Hi,
> I am aware of this, and there is no name changes.
> But I am thinking maybe there is a problem with RRD file names.
> Is it OK if RRD files are having the same file name but are stored  
> in different folders.
> For example:
>     /opt/collectd/rrd/device1/snmp/if_octets64-FastEthernet0.rrd
> and
>     /opt/collectd/rrd/device2/snmp/if_octets64-FastEthernet0.rrd

This is normal for the same type-instance for different devices  
(hosts) yes.

As long as the input plugin of both is working, then rrdfiles should  
be updated.

Have you tried to enable another outputplugin , like csv, to check if  
the data is updated there ? If it is not , I would suspect input  
plugins. If it is I would suspect the rrd plugin.

Have you looked at the logfiles ? Debug options of collectd ?

You can also try tcpdumping snmp traffic between your collectd server,  
and snmp hosts that is not updating, to check if snmp get requests  
actually is sent, and data is received. (Assuming you use snmp plugin)

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