[collectd] RRD files are not updated

Domagoj Mikac domagoj.mikac at metronet.hr
Fri Aug 21 11:54:05 CEST 2009


I don't understand why my RRD files are not being updated.
Currently I have 55407 RRD files. 
# find /opt/collectd/rrd -name *.rrd | wc -l

My server is not overloaded. I have plenty of RAM and Hard disk space,
but when I check which RRD-s have been modified in last 20 minutes, I
see that only 18871 RRD file has been modified. 

# find /opt/collectd/rrd -name *.rrd -mmin -20 | wc -l

Something is terribly wrong. Either I am doing something wrong or snmp
plugin is not suitable for this number of variables ????
Please give me some help regarding this issue. 

In collectd.conf I have the following settings: 

    Interval     300
    ReadThreads  50

    LoadPlugin rrdtool
    <Plugin rrdtool>
            DataDir "/opt/collectd/rrd"
            CacheTimeout    120
            CacheFlush      900
            WritesPerSecond 100

            RRATimespan     5184000, 16070400, 31622400, 63244800,
            RRARows         17280, 17280, 17520, 17520, 4380
            # RRATimespan   60 dana, 6 mjeseci, 1 godinu, 2 godine, 4

thank you

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