[collectd] configure threshold for load plugin

Dieter Bloms collectd at bloms.de
Wed Mar 5 13:18:38 CET 2008

Hallo Florian,

On Wed, Mar 05, Florian Forster wrote:

> the problem here is that there is no instance named `1m'. If you remove
> the `Instance'-line your config should start working.

ok. now my program is executed.

I've configured:

  <Plugin "load">
    <Type "load">
      WarningMax    0.50
      FailureMax    1.00

and now I get messages like:

Host myserver, plugin load type load: Data source "longterm" is currently
0.290000. That is below the failure threshold of 1.000000.

I though with FailureMax 1.00 I get an event, if the load is higher than
1.00 and not lower.
Should I use FailureMin for this ?

Btw.: I use collectd-4.3.1



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