[collectd] notify_email, second try

Oleg King king2 at kaluga.ru
Wed Jun 4 14:58:57 CEST 2008

Hello, Collectd.

  I wrote a new plugin - notify_email.

  This plugin will notify you when threshold conditions are met - one
  email per one threshold notify. Email can be sent more then one
  recipient. Plugin does this by initiating SMTP session to specified
  SMTP server (it can also do SMTP AUTH if needed).

  Plugin uses libesmtp library.

  Please note:
    1. SMTPFrom value sometimes is checked by SMTP server - you
    can get failure from SMTP server if you are using not-existent

    2. SMTPSubject can contain two '%s' - first for severity and
    second for hostname.

    3. Hostname used in SMTP connection - is hostname_g, hostname
    that is used for all collectd host identification. If it cannot
    be resolved by internet DNS - you can expect problems when sending

  Patch and new file are included as attach.

 Oleg                          mailto:king2 at kaluga.ru
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