[collectd] pkgfoodir question

Christian Wiese morfoh at opensde.org
Thu Jan 31 18:50:20 CET 2008

Hi folks,

I am maintaining the collectd package of OpenSDE and I have a little
question about the usage of pkg{data,lib,include}dir in the Makefile.

Is there a why to tweak the Makefile to add a conditional that checks
if @PACKAGE@ is already part of the prefix, and just adding @PACKAGE@
in the case it is not i.e. while configuring with '--prefix=/usr"
This would be quite helpful while using i.e. '--prefix=/opt/collectd'
to not end up with libraries installed in '/opt/collectd/lib/collectd/'.

Thanks a bunch in advance for any suggestion.


OpenSDE - Open System Development Environment
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