[collectd] collectd knocked out keyboard

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Wed Feb 20 10:07:48 CET 2008

Hi Petro,

On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 06:30:46PM +0200, Piter_ wrote:
> May be some one reported it already.

No, seriously, I've never heard of anything like that before...

> I'm running Debian lenny. After installation of  collectd (from lenny
> repositories ), in few minutes after login (in gnome) or GDM start, keyboard
> on my laptop get knocked out. I had to keep button pressed for long time for
> response.
> Uninstall solved the problem.

I can hardly image how collectd is supposed to be related to that.
Anyway, as uninstalling collectd solved the problem for you, there has
to be some sort of connection (What other packages have been installed
along with collectd?). Did you see any error messages in syslog? Did the
system load go up to some huge value (the "load" plugin provides those

Please reinstall collectd from a non-X-based terminal and see if the
same issue arises. Then, after a couple of minutes, try to get
information about the current load, memory usage, CPU usage and the
memory and CPU usage of collectd (e.g. "top -p `pidof collectd`"
provides all of that information - a screenshot would help a lot: "top
-p `pidof collectd` -n 1 > top.out").


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