[collectd] Version 4.3.0 available

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Tue Feb 19 20:41:17 CET 2008

Hi all,

after almost 4 month of development I've yesterday packed and uploaded
version 4.3.0. The changes are numerous, so I'll simply attach the
changelog. I hope there's something that makes you want to upgrade ;)


-- ChangeLog --
2008-02-18, Version 4.3.0
 * collectd: Notifications have been added to the daemon. Notifications
   are status messages that may be associated with a data instance.
 * collectd: Threshold checking has been added to the daemon. This
   means that you can configure threshold values for each data instance.
   If this threshold is exceeded a notification will be created.
 * collectd: The new `FQDNLookup' option tells the daemon to use the
   full qualified domain name as the hostname, not just the host part es
   returned by `gethostname(2)'.
 * collectd: Support for more than one `TypesDB' file has been added.
   This is useful when one such file is included in a package but one
   wants to add custom type definitions.
 * collectd: The `Include' config option has been expanded to handle
   entire directories and shell wildcards.
 * collectdmon: The new `collectdmon' binary detects when collectd
   terminates and automatically restarts it again.
 * csv plugin: The CSV plugin is now able to store counter values as a
   rate, using the `StoreRates' configuration option.
 * exec plugin: Handling of notifications has been added and the
   ability to pass arguments to the executed programs has been added.
 * hddtemp plugin: The new `TranslateDevicename' option lets you
   disable the translation from device names to major-minor-numbers.
 * logfile plugin: Handling of notifications has been added.
 * ntpd plugin: The new `ReverseLookups' can be used to disable reverse
   domain name lookups in this plugin.
 * perl plugin: Many internal changes added support for handling
   multiple threads making the plugin reasonably usable inside collectd.
   The API has been extended to support notifications and export global
   variables to Perl plugins; callbacks now have to be identified by
   name rather than a pointer to a subroutine. The plugin is no longer
 * uuid plugin: The new UUID plugin sets the hostname to an unique
   identifier for this host. This is meant for setups where each client
   may migrate to another physical host, possibly going through one or
   more name changes in the process. Thanks to Richard Jones from
   Red Hat's Emerging Technology group for this plugin.
 * libvirt: The new libvirt plugin uses the `libvirt' library to query
   CPU, disk and network statistics about guest systems on the same
   physical server. Thanks to Richard Jones from Red Hat's Emerging
   Technology group for this plugin.
Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
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